Checkstress is an independent stress analysis consultancy focused on the Aerospace industry. We aim to integrate closely with customer working practices to deliver a flexible, professional service at competitive cost.

Our services include:

  • Loads development.
  • Preliminary sizing.
  • Check stress and certification reports.
  • Optimisation and weight saving.
  • Durability and damage tolerance analysis.
  • Concessions and repair analysis.
  • Test plans and data processing.

All Finite Element Analysis covers:

  • Configuration, testing, and validation of 2D or 3D models.
  • Simulation of metallic or composite materials.
  • Linear, linear buckling, non-linear (material and geometric), normal modes, frequency response, acoustic and random vibration analysis.
  • PCL and VBA programming to automate modelling and post-processing.
  • Superelement analysis and Craig Bampton dynamic reductions.